About Us

A Locally Owned Family Business

5 Ash Roof Services LLC is a locally owned family business by Troy Fiveash. Troy grew up in Memphis and graduated from Bartlett High in 1981. In 1998, he started 5 Ash Construction and Remodeling, which has become 5 Ash Roof Services LLC.

"I have always enjoyed building things and seeing the fruits of my labor. I turned my hobby into a business in 1998. We survived the recession in 2009 because we were too stubborn to quit or give up. Because of this attitude, we are one of very few companies in this industry that has been in business since before 2008. My sons, Rob, David, and I love what we do, and it shows in everything we do."

- Troy Fiveash

5 Ash Roof Services LLC

5 Ash Roof Services LLC

We Do Roofs Right

Why Choose Us

We are the leading diamond level installer in TN & the Mid-South for Atlas roofing products. Our professionals exceed industry standards with our regular installations and provide a full guarantee from start to finish with the best price possible. With us, you never have to experience high-pressure sales tactics.


Safety has always been paramount to us. We use safety harnesses and safety lines as needed.

Standard Features

Recommend Tearing Off Your Existing Roof

The warranty is better when a roof has a single layer of shingles to enhance the appearance and durability of your roof.

Upgraded Synthetic Felt

Unlike other companies that use synthetic felt as an upgrade, we only use them for all.

Ice and Water Shield

We use ice and water shield for all the areas of a roof that are prone to leaks like valleys, around penetrations, wall rakes, pitch transitions, and where ice and snow would likely build on your roof.

Top Grade Shingles, Starters, and Ridge

You can expect quality shingles and related products with the best warranties in the business.